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Astronomy for Development and Social Change

I strongly believe that science, and Astronomy in particular, can and should play a role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this spirit, I participate of the GalileoMobile initiative since 2011 and have founded the "Amanar: under the Same Sky" project, that aims at inspiring children and youth and supporting primary and secondary teachers from the Sahrawi refugee camps in Tindouf (Argelia) through Astronomy. 

Over the past 10 years I have been working on bringing science and Astronomy to society and using it to inspire, educate and empower people from rural communities or high-risk social groups. I have organized social and educational projects in India, Uganda, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Spain and Western Sahara. 

In particular, I specialize in initiatives to engage girls and young women with science and encourage them to pursue a scientific career, breaking the stereotypes that still persist in our society with respect to women's abilities. 


I also study the traditional knowledge in Astronomy of different communities, such as the Suruí indigenous people in North Brasil or the Saharaui people in Argelia, to recognize these traditions, value them and foster cultural exchange.

Recently, I have been appointed Spanish Representative before the European Regional Office of Astronomy for Development.


Some of my work on Astronomy for Development...

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